Alpha Channel Masking Services

Alpha Channel Masking Services

Outsource image provides alpha channel masking services along with masking services. The stated complicated service is applied to the image when isolation of the image may not make it out from a background. Photo masking handled with alpha channel is usually applied under the criteria, when the edges of the images are not sufficient and when an accustomed clipping path is not isolated from its specific object.

We outsource image will understand every aspect of your imaging needs and provide your required services to improve your business over the stunning competitive world. We possess well experienced Photoshop experts who can satisfy your masking needs and other imaging needs through the medium of latest Photoshop effective tools in reach of fast turnaround time at affordable rates.

Clipping path Vs Alpha Channel Masking

Our Clipping path services aid to isolate the object from a background and fix them in a white or transparent a background or any reliable backgrounds. Alpha masking also one of the best ways to isolate the objects which are done for the criteria under a special portion of the image can be isolated from the background. After isolating the image or portion from the background by using an effective Photoshop pen tool, we erase the background from the image by using the eraser tool or other background removing tool.

This technique is known as alpha channel photo masking. The Alpha channel masking process is similar to basic masking technique, this technique is pixel based rather than vector, but the process slightly get varies from actual masking process. Every image has more than 3 color channels like red or green, blue or magenta, black or yellow. When a distinct object by using a clipping path is used for alpha channel masking, the new channel has created which contain the shape of the object rather than a color.

Through, Alpha channel masking mechanism, images can be created with a lot of details by using contrast along with color channels. Our experts with an effective pen tool might isolate your images from its background. The alpha channel is an effective solution to extract more complex images from their backgrounds.

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Types of Alpha channel masking

Hair / Fur Masking
Hair / Fur masking is one of the complex masking technique which is to be applied on the most obscured portions like hair parts and fur brings can be isolated from their background.

Translucent Photo masking
This kind of image masking is applied to transparent images which contain the complex background. Our experienced experts efficiently remove the unwanted backgrounds and fix suitable one.

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